Baby Swing Mall:Dad Playing with Baby

Your baby’s playmate

“When she wakes up in the morning, when she sees or hears my voice, she gets so excited.
You can’t buy that feeling. ” – Dad

Of all the powerful human characters, the father who teaches his children to play has to be the coolest. Play is your baby’s main job, it teaches him how to laugh and take risks. It developed his motor skills and accelerated the development of his brain and nervous system.

As a father, you are his perfect playmate. Flying lessons, peekaboo and wrestling all come naturally. A bonus: play is the best combination. Dads elicit the biggest smiles and contagious belly laughs, sometimes just a wink.

Why did he choose you to play

It starts right after birth, when your bright little package notices that you look, smell, feel and sound different from your mother’s. While Mom is soft, warm, comfortable, beautiful and smells good, you are different. Your baby doesn’t know what to think of you right away, which is why she’s staring at you so much: she’s accepting you.

Over time, a baby will notice that while mom tends to be protective and calm, dad is more playful, robust, and sometimes quite surprising. Your baby learns quickly that mom will pick her up when she’s fussy, but dad tends to scratch her or lift her into the air. Even a very young baby may raise her shoulders and eyebrows, or start kicking her legs, in anticipation of something exciting when she hears her father’s voice.

There’s nothing better than playing with a baby

American pediatricians now support the importance of children’s play. When fighting with dad, babies learn coordination, problem solving, managing emotions, combining thought and physical action, self-confidence, focus, balance, trust, timing, and creativity. Increases the sense of accomplishment when he “beats” Dad, and then learns to overcome failure by trying again when Dad decides he “wins.”

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Sleep: From noon to moon

When the baby sleeps, everyone sleeps. And the first step to well rested is a secure sleeping space for your little one. Whether it’s an afternoon nap or a full night of zzz’s, our comfy bassinets give everyone the support and energy they need for each day.

Play: From post-nap play to pre-bed cuddles

Your baby has been super busy growing, and sometimes they just need a little playtime. Our play gyms and plush toys give baby a spot to kick some energy out, and our cuddly companions are made for soothing and sensory exploration. Now, between eating, sleeping, and diaper changes, baby stays soothed, and you stay sane.

Baby Swing Mall:Dad Playing with Baby

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Baby Swing Mall:Dad Playing with Baby

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