Best Swing for Baby,According to Parents Who’ve Loved Them

When you rock your baby for hours a day and your arms start to feel like they might fall off, you might consider investing in a baby swing.

Types of Baby Rocks

Baby swings are really simple – they’re just gadgets that rock a baby back and forth in a certain way. However, you can differentiate in several ways:

Full-size baby swings: These swings usually have larger footprints and are wall-mounted. Some hang on a shelf, while others stand alone. Either way, these are typically more powerful baby swings, with a variety of speeds and characteristics.

Portable baby swing: These swings are usually smaller and more compact. Usually, they are powered by batteries.

Trampoline: This baby swing is usually manual, relying on your hands or feet to propel. Although they will undoubtedly require more effort on your part, they are still a great tool to soothe or entertain your baby.

How to choose the right baby swing

While any baby swing may come in handy at some point, there are a few things to consider when deciding which device will ultimately benefit you the most, including:


Lifestyle: Do you travel a lot? Do you move from room to room? If so, consider a baby swing that’s more portable than the bulky, bulky swings with all the bells and whistles.

Cost: Baby swings are one of the more expensive baby products. If budget is an issue, you may want to start with a more reasonable option and upgrade later if you have a fussy baby.

Longevity: For best results, consider height and weight restrictions. Some swings are for babies; others can be used when babies can sit up or reach a certain height or weight.

Best Gliding Baby Swing

Best Swing for Baby,According to Parents Who've  Loved Them

why we like it

This gliding swing mimics the feeling of your baby being held in your arms. It has two-speed vibrations, 10 classic melodies, five natural sounds and six glide speeds to let you find the right setting to keep her relaxed and engaged. This unique frame design takes up 40% less space than other swings, so it can fit in tight spaces around the house (cheers for the less clutter!) The plug-in option can save you a fortune on battery fee, or for convenience, use batteries to move the glider. It also has a plush seat and three reclining positions for maximum comfort for your child.

Best Swing for Baby,According to Parents Who've  Loved Them


Best Smart Baby Swing

Best Swing for Baby,According to Parents Who've  Loved Them

why we like it

4Moms MamaRoo is the luxury model of the baby rocking world. It’s more expensive, but offers features that other baby swings can’t match. First, the swing has some unconventional movements. Instead of swinging back and forth, MamaRoo has five irregular movements with unique names: car ride, tree shake, kangaroo, shake and shake.

It also has 5 speeds and 4 built-in sounds that you can mix and match. Or, using Bluetooth technology, you can sync the swing with your own device and play custom playlists you know your baby will love. When you’re on your phone, you can operate the swing through an app that allows you to control the swing’s motion, speed, music and volume. You can easily adjust the recline of the seat and the swing comes with three hanging toys (mirror, rattle and wrinkle ball) for added fun for your baby.

Best Swing for Baby,According to Parents Who've  Loved Them


Most Versatile Baby Swing

Best Swing for Baby,According to Parents Who've  Loved Them

why we like it

This 2-in-1 swing and rocker (the seat falls off to act as a portable rocker) lets you give your baby a place to rock, but also provides flexibility for easy movement. When you put it in Swing mode, you can choose from three different swing directions and six speeds, as well as two different vibration speeds. The swing comes with an adorable animal overhead toy that moves around and plays sounds and music.

Best Swing for Baby,According to Parents Who've  Loved Them



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